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Training to Prevent Crushing Injuries

In October 2014, a worker at Portland Specialty Bakery in Portland, Oregon, was trying to clear jammed dough from a bagel-making machine. The worker placed a piece of dough over the machine’s safety sensor, lifted the guard, and reached into the machine for the jammed dough. His hand was caught and crushed. The same bakery had been cited for similar incidents multiple times.


Are Your Workers in Danger of Crushing Injuries?

Manuel Aquino, 70 years old, had worked for Art’s Equipment Rental in Sharonville, Ohio, for 13 years. His job duties included keeping the equipment clean, so on March 3, Aquino was pressure-washing a front-end loader in his employer’s yard. Something went wrong, and Aquino was crushed between the bucket on the loader and the body of the equipment. By the time emergency responders arrived, Aquino was dead.