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Healthy Solutions for What Ails Your Wellness Program

Wellness programs are proliferating under the Affordable Care Act, which increased the available incentive and penalty options for employers. And, they look like a win-win—workers win, because the company funds the initiative that improves their health status. Employers win, because healthier employees are happier, more productive, and less likely to suffer injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, a poorly designed wellness program can run afoul of other federal and state laws that require employers to ensure reasonable accommodation, privacy, confidentiality of personal health information, and protection of off-duty conduct.


Panel Discussion: Mistakes Retail and Warehouse Employers Make, Part 2

On March 3, 2015, OSHA cited Seldat Distribution, a distribution warehouse in Dayton, NJ, for 10 serious violations carrying $63,000 in proposed penalties. Inspectors were at the facility looking for electrical hazards in the wake of an employee’s electrocution, and they found many, including problems with the distributor’s electrical panels. They found other problems as well, with the employer’s exits and fire extinguishers.